Great Azure Training – $10-15

I recently finished this Azure course on Udemy. Courses on Udemy can be a hit-or-miss. This one was most certainly a hit!


I have tried a few different Azure courses, and gave up on all of them after a few videos. This one was by far the best one. Alan Rodrigues does a great job of explaining all the concepts, going over the theory, and then going over the demos afterwards.

Unlike other courses, he never skips any steps or assumes prior knowledge – which is a MUST for people new to Azure like myself.

If you plan to do this course, make sure you plan to finish it within 30 days. That’s because when you sign up for a new Azure account, the free credit required to complete the course will expire in 30 days. Of course, the course will continue to remain available pretty much indefinitely.

If you are new to Azure, or cloud computing in general, this is a no-brainer, amazing quality, extremely well executed course, and for $10-15 (the price varies), it’s a steal!



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