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Best resources for keeping up with Networking

In one my previous blog posts, we covered “Best resources for learning Networking”. In this post, I will attempt to cover some of the best resources I’ve used to keep up with the changes in the Networking world.


This is going to be a very subjective post. Depending on your area of expertise and mix of vendors being utilized at your organization, your resources for keeping up with networking may be very different.

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Learning to learn!

Learning is itself a skill – just like riding a bicycle or swimming is a skill. Treating it as a skill, and working to improve that skill is essential for almost all careers, but especially important for careers in Information Technology which require constant upkeep with new trends and technologies.

First of all, why should you listen to my advice? Actually you shouldn’t – as I wouldn’t be giving my own advice or “wisdom”.  I’d instead be presenting ideas from academics and scholars who have professionally studied human memory, brain development and learning. Also, these are the ideas I used to attain two CCIEs and numerous other certifications. Continue reading “Learning to learn!”

IOS and NX-OS Ping Script using TCL

There are many situations in which you may need to ping a large number of IP addresses. You can use the Tcl (usually pronounced “tickle”) shell built-in in both IOS and NX-OS to accomplish this task.

Simply replace the below IP addresses and VRF (where applicable) with your own, and copy/paste the script into your IOS or NX-OS based device.


foreach address {

} {ping $address re 2

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Port listener / firewall rule tester

Have you ever needed to test if a particular firewall rule is enabled and actually functioning as expected? Of course you had! A great friend and a colleague passed this gem along to me that allows you to create a simple ‘port listener’ on any Windows machine using PowerShell.


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Best resources for learning Networking


After completing two CCIEs and numerous other certifications over the past 10+ years, I can certainly say that I have been through my fair share of training.  As many fellow CCIEs can probably appreciate, learning never stops, not even with two CCIEs, so I continue to go through training from different vendors and OEMs on different products.
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Netflow Technology, Free NetFlow Collectors and Nexus 5000 / Nexus 7000

NetFlow is an awesome technology that lets you see what type of data is transmitting through your network, in what quantity, and when.  It’s supported by a variety of vendors, primarily Cisco, with variants by other vendors such as cFlow, sFlow and jFlow.


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OpenStack Adventures

I had an interesting and relatively tough time with OpenStack. First, the bad news: Due to change in direction/focus, I won’t be spending much time on OpenStack any more. There are still lots of other interesting topics however that have yet to be covered.

Good news: I learned a lot of lessons that may help individuals playing around with OpenStack.

Summary of lessons learned:
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Technical and Non-Technical lessons learned from SDN implementation.

SDN implementation from any vendor is a big undertaking.  Unlike traditional networks, where lifecycle activities individually within network, compute, storage or security teams can happen in fair bit of isolation from each other, SDN implementation requires all teams, especially network, compute, application and security teams, to work more closely with each other than ever before.



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Practical Guide to getting started with Software Defined Networking (SDN)

The wonderful world of Software Defined Networking (SDN) is here.  If you are a networking professional, it’s best to embrace it with both arms open.

What is SDN?  How can I practically get started with SDN?  What are some good free and inexpensive resources to learn about all the different SDN solutions?  Which SDN solutions should I focus on in particular?

There are no 100% right or wrong answers to these questions, however, I will attempt to answer these questions based on the approach to SDN I am taking myself.

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