Free Brocade Fibre Channel Training

Continuing on with a series of free and/or cost effective training options, here is yet again another blog post about free training! – this time courtesy of Brocade (aka Broadcom).


Now this training would be quite job specific and/or organization specific. If you are already working in an environment where Brocade fibre channel infrastructure exists, want to learn about Fibre Channel technology in general, or have an interview coming up where you need to brush up on your fibre channel skills, this is a great FREE resource to get you up to speed.

How can you get started?

All you need to do is go to and register for a free account.

Then simply go to the Learning Portal, under the Education menu.


If you are new to Brocade or Fibre Channel technology in general, I would recommend doing the courses in the following order:

  • Fibre Channel Basics (FC-120)
  • Introduction to Brocade Network Advisor (BNA 101-WBT)
  • Brocade Associate SAN Administrator (BASA 200-WBT)
  • Brocade Professional SAN Administrator (BPSA 300-WBT)
  • Brocade Network Advisor for Fibre Channel SAN Fabrics (BNA 200-SAN-WBT)
  • SAN Troubleshooting (SAN-TS 300-WBT)

After these, you can do more courses based on the specific needs of your organization. There are many more product-specific courses to choose from.

The training is also top-notch. It’s better quality than many paid options in the industry – and it’s free! Kudos to Brocade for providing free structured and complete training -unlike most other vendors (hint hint Cisco!). Many vendors have free training options available, which I have covered before, but they typically don’t have the structure of a proper training regimen that these courses do – and that’s very much appreciated!



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