End Israeli Apartheid

Sample of counties unhappy with #amnesty reporting their human rights abuses: China, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Myanmar, Iran, Russia… + Israel.

#amnestyinternational is an equal opportunity truth teller when it comes to human rights abuses. It doesn’t take sides. Not with Iran or Saudi. Not with USA or Russia. Not with Hamas or Israelis. It always relentlessly sides with human rights of all humans.

Hopefully the truth about Israeli apartheid that many are finding uncomfortable results in reflection rather than blanket attacks and baseless demonization of Amnesty International. Attacks on a human rights organization like Amnesty are cowardly and ignorant, and accusation of bias only end up showing how weak Israel’s position really is when it comes to human rights abuses. Any refutation of the Israeli apartheid report should be based on facts, not baseless accusations of bias.

Consider donating to support Amnesty’s selfless pursuit of human rights of every human being on Earth:https://www.amnesty.ca/

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