Convert Excel Documents into Diagrams! With Video!

Do you need to keep track of all the interfaces that your systems connect to? And also have them available in diagram form? You can use the ExcelToNetworkDiagramConverter (E2NDConverter) Python script to create Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files which can be imported directly into Visio and further manipulated directly in Visio as required. This method, of converting an Excel to a Network Diagram can save you hours and hours of work by simply defining in Excel what device and ports you want connected, and having them show up in diagram format!

As a bonus, you can also keep track of Serial Numbers, IP addresses, device Location and any other asset information that may be specific to your organization, which is built-in to the diagram and Excel file for easy tracking and documentation.

Following up on my previous post, here is a video which outlines how to use Excel to Network Diagram Converter! Enjoy!


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