Terraform with Cisco ACI – Demo

My Ansible demonstration video was 47 minutes long. In this video, which is 11 minutes long, I demonstrate how you can use Terraform to configure Cisco ACI. That 47 vs 11 min difference sums up the difference in complexity between Ansible and Terraform. Although Ansible offers many more knobs, it’s also significantly more complicated. It’s also hard to hit the ground running with Ansible. Also all the changes in the last couple of years have not helped either in terms of complexity. Terraform on the other hand, relative to Ansible, is SIMPLE. I LOVE TERRAFORM. It’s easy. It’s powerful. It’s flexible. It’s awesome. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

This video shows how you can use Terraform to configure ACI – and implement infrastructure-as-code (IAC). The demo crates a tenant, application profile and three EPGs. The video is meant to demonstrate how easy it is to use Terraform to configure ACI vs other options like Ansible, Python, CLI or GUI.

Repository used (Configuration):


Recommended Terraform Training:

https://udemy.com/course/terraform-beginner-to-advanced/learn/ – This is an awesome course

https://udemy.com/course/terraform-associate-prep-course/learn/ – This is a good supplementary course if you want to also get Terraform certified


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