Simplest possible way of deploying Vault Dev on AWS

After recently completing the Terraform certification, I was guided by smart fellow Cloud geeks to learn Vault. One of the fun things I decided to do based on their suggestion was to deploy a Vault Dev server on AWS using Terraform.

My mentor challenged me to create the simplest possible way to deploy a Vault dev server on AWS. A couple of hours later, building on my Terraform and Vault knowledge, here is the working answer I came up with:

I am learning Vault using Zeal Vora’s excellent course on Udemy. His Terraform course was AMAZING – and his Vault course is amazing too. Zeal is a truly gifted instructor.

If you are also learning Vault, you may find this interesting 🙂

Obviously this is in no way meant to be used for production workloads – it’s dev instance, it’s not clustered, it’s not secured/hardened, etc. But for learning, this can be a great start – and an alternative to running the Vault dev server on your own machine.



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